The rise in global crude prices after August 2020 has led to a rapid rise in fuel prices across the country, which has sparked a demand for including petrol and diesel under GST. It is a huge misnomer that merely including these items under GST would lead to a lowering of pump prices since the maximum rate on these products would be capped at 28 per cent. While a decision to subsume petrol and diesel in GST would ultimately lie with the GST Council, prices can be lowered only by lowering the revenue that currently accrues to both the Centre and the states on the sale of these products, whether under GST or outside it.With the Centre and the states expected to earn around Rs 5.5 lakh crore by way of revenue from petrol and diesel during the current fiscal year, prices cannot be lowered even reasonably unless there are widespread tax cuts by both the Union and all the states.