Finance minister has asked the CBIC to use artificial intelligence, data analytics and internet of things (IoT) to identify leakages arising from frauds and tax evasion. She said that the training for tax officials in all these areas would commence soon. The FM was speaking in Navi Mumbai on Wednesday at the inauguration of Kendriya GST Parisar, a CGST Mumbai zone residential complex. Earlier, speaking at the same event, revenue secretary said that CBIC officials were tasked with achieving the Rs 1.5 lakh crore collection milestone from October 2022. The FM said, "I have had a conversation with revenue secretary and with CBIC chairman. I have requested that training be given on better utilisation of artificial intelligence, data deep dive, IoT etc. so that we can use technology to detect where leakages are happening and where mischief makers are gaming the system, claiming wrong refunds, creating shell companies and colluding with the rare black sheep in the system. “She added that training would make it easy for tax officials to identify and plug evasion and fraudulent claims. Internationally, tax authorities are using IoT technology to automate the scanning of goods using e-seals, QR codes and X-ray scanners.