Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has started sending memos to employees who are not completing at least 12 days of work from office (WFO) in a month. The company has said in the memo that disciplinary proceedings will be initiated if they do not adhere to the roster. "You are warned and directed to start reporting to work from your office location according to the assigned roster with immediate effect," says the memo. In October, the company told employees that managers would roster them for three days a week which they must follow. TCS said: "We are excited to see our campuses buzzing with energy and want all our employees to be a part of that vibrant ecosystem. A significant number of employees have joined TCS in the last two years. It is important for them to experience the TCS environment to collaborate, learn, grow and also have fun together, thus developing a stronger sense of belonging to the organisation and enabling better integration."