Mortgage lender HDFC on Thursday said its net profit fell 4.7 per cent to Rs 3,052 crore for June quarter compared with Rs 3,203 crore in the same quarter last year.Net interest income (NII) for the quarter rose 10 per cent to Rs 3,392 crore compared with Rs 3079 crore in the same quarter last year. The number fell short of Rs 3450 crore.The HFC insists the NII numbers are not comparable, owning to the higher liquidity levels and equity investments made by the NBFC in the recent period. Adjusted NII, it said, comes in at Rs 3,609 crore, up 17 per cent.The lender said its net interest margin for the quarter stood at 3.1 per cent compared with year-ago's 3.3 per cent.