The customs department will be keeping a close eye on imports of items such as mobiles, white goods, set-top boxes, agarbattis, cameras and other electronic products under a new verification mechanism that kicks in from September 21 to plug misuse of free trade agreements (FTAs).Sources in the finance ministry said the new measures for administration of Rules of Origin under FTAs coming into force are expected to help curb the misuse of FTAs. The new mechanism requires importers to exercise due diligence before importing goods to ensure they satisfy the origin criterion for eligibility of duty concession under the FTA and declare this to the customs authorities.The sources said the customs department may also ask for supporting documents and information and if any doubt arises, deny the benefit of the FTA duty concession or allow it provisionally, pending verification. Strict timelines for verification from the exporting country would ensure that the misuse is stopped. The government had held extensive interactions with officers to sensitise them about the new rules and the need to keep a close eye.