Indian companies have a new agenda -- making sure employees, especially millennials, manage their finances better.

Myntra,, bigbasket, HUL, NoBroker as well as other companies are increasingly looking at financial well-being as one of the crucial tenets of overall employee well-being. These organisations are making sure that employees are able to manage their finances better and put away nest eggs for rainy days.

In August, Myntra rolled out ‘Thrive’, a wellness framework for employees, in which financial well-being is one of the main tenets. The company is getting experts in asset and wealth management to guide employees on investments to save tax, as well as growing their wealth for a secure future.

“We want our employees to create good investment habits. When they are able to get expert advice on such matters, it keeps financial stress at bay,” Abhishek Sen, head of human resources at Myntra, told ET. The company also plans to leverage internal experts to extend peer support.

 According to the India Health and Wellbeing Study by Willis Towers Watson, 63% of employers have or are developing a strategy to improve employee financial wellbeing.

“Companies are realising that for more holistic well-being of employees, all four aspects -- physical, emotional, financial and family well-being have to be addressed. The onus of financial well-being is not just to make employees -- including millennials – financially literate but to prepare them for future financial resilience and reduce potential stress as a result of not being adequately prepared,”