Career transition programmes for professionals who take a break are no longer restricted to women. What started as a platform offering second career opportunities to help women return to work are now increasingly being extended to men as well. Organisations like John Deere, UBS and Deutsche Bank have inclusive second career programmes for both men and women.If women largely take career breaks for child care, men too have left careers for various reasons including eldercare.Pune-based tractor manufacturer John Deere has a programme called REAP (Rekindle your career, Engage back with workplace, Apply your skills and talents, Perform and prove your mettle). This was initially conceptualised as a second career programme for women.The company’s regional talent management leader Shobha Pandey said, “When we presented this to the country group, during the discussion a point emerged — why not extend the programme to men as well? We want to be an inclusive organisation, and inclusion is about everyone. Men are equally taking breaks. The idea is to tap people who have taken breaks for various reasons.”With REAP becoming completely gender-neutral, the only guideline for applicants is a two-year career break. “However, we do look at what relevant experience the person has had in his/her career and whether the person requires any upskilling,” said Pandey.UBS India’s ‘Career Comeback Programme’ is designed to help men and women on a career break of 18 months or more to transition into a corporate role in full-time or part-time capacity. There are no earmarked roles and the company believes in hiring and absorbing these candidates in immediately available open positions. There’s no age limit either — just willingness and relevant prior experience in a wide variety of areas like technology, finance, operations, HR, analytics, AI and data sciences. Sometimes a career break can make it tougher for professionals to return to the corporate world.