Living up to its mission of transformation, AU Small Finance Bank launched an innovative credit card product that revolutionizes the credit card landscape. The AU Bank LIT (Live-It-Today) Credit Card, the largest small finance bank and one of the fastest growing retail banks in India, offers cardholders a unique value proposition to choose from the features they like and the duration for the time they want. While credit card companies offer attractive products in different categories, it is often difficult for customers to find a combination of all such features in a single card. This forces them to choose multiple credit cards that offer a range of rewards such as travel cards for maximizing travel related spending or co-branded cards for shopping on specific e-commerce sites. With the LIT Credit Card, the bank has put the power of choosing these features in the hands of the customers – all categories in one card. Apart from this, they also get the freedom to turn these features on or off as per their changing lifestyle requirements.LIT Credit Card provides high level of engagement to the customers through the app as they can track their savings/earnings daily to maximize their benefits. Most importantly, the card has many benefits and customers can activate any feature in real time for a small convenience fee. LIT gives the cardholder a complete control over their offers and the fees they pay for those offers in a clear, transparent manner and saves a lot of annual/renewal charges for benefits not availed by the cardholders. Cardholders can avail the best of both cashback and reward points by using the facilities provided. The default validity period for each feature is 90 days. LIT Credit Card offers five categories of facilities, namely: lounge access: Where customers can opt for one or two lounge access per quarter, Milestone Benefits: By which, one can get more reward points or cashback, OTT and Lifestyle Subscription: Where they can get free subscription to various platforms and services, Instant Rewards (Online/Offline): Customers can get more reward points for online and POS transactions and other features: Including fuel surcharge waiver, cashback on grocery, and more.