Real estate industry is one of the most important pillars of the Indian economy. Owning a residence is a dream of every Indian citizen. We can assess its growth by demand of affordable housing requirements, proposed development of new cities, initiatives of government for modern cities as “Smart Cities”. For the ones who are in the urge of buying industrial plots or plots for development of infrastructure for financial business, here is a good news that there is no liability to pay GST on the amount which is determined upfront but is paid or payable in instalments for long term lease of industrial plots or plots for development of financial infrastructure. According to Circular No. 101/20/2019-GST dated April 30,2019, CBIC has clarified that upfront amount(called as premium, salami, cost, price, development charges or by any other name) payable for long term lease of 30 years or more, of industrial plots or plots for development of any business which are provided by the State Government Industrial Development Corporation or undertaking or entity where Central or State Govt. have 50% or more ownership are exempt from GST. However, this exemption shall apply irrespective of the fact that whether such amount is payable or paid in one or more instalments but the amount needs to be determined upfront.