Govt. plans to introduce lottery offers between Rs. 10 Lakh and Rs. 1 Crore under GST to encourage customers to take bills while making purchases. As per Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC), every bill under GST is supposed to be a price winning lottery ticket. It will be done by draw. It will develop a mind set in the customers that by not saving 12%, 18%, or 28% I have a chance of winning Rs. 1 Crore or Rs. 10 Lakh. It will change the behavior of customers. For execution of this plan the purchase bill will be uploaded on a portal and a draw would be held automatically and the winners would be informed. Currently, the goods and services under GST are taxed at 5, 12, 18 and 28 percent and the cess is also levied on luxury, sin and demerit goods on top of the highest tax rate. The GST council would examine the proposed lottery scheme. Minimum threshold for the bills to be included in lottery shall be decided by the Council and the money for lottery would come from consumer welfare fund in which anti profiteering proceeds are transferred. A committee of officers has been constituted by Govt. to suggest measures to increase GST revenue collections, suggest systemic changes in GST, suggest measures to improve voluntary compliance and to give inputs on measures for the expansion of the tax base.