If you are in Pune and are tempted to park your vehicle in the ‘No Parking’ zone, then think again, because soon, the fine for parking in the non-designated zones will get costlier by 18%, courtesy, GST.
Cases of parking violations are on a rise in Pune and what better way to discourage such a practise other than raising the fine. Currently, the fine for towed two-wheelers is ₹ 250 for and ₹ 450 for four-wheelers. The city’s traffic department will soon start charging GST @ 18% on the existing fines, both, for two-wheelers as well as four-wheelers.
Towing is the service that the traffic department provides and for which the violators need to pay. The tax will be charged for the services provided by the contractors who manage the towing vans. Thus, soon parking violators will have to cough up ₹ 295 for two-wheelers and ₹ 531 for four-wheelers.
This move is aimed at inculcating a sense of self-discipline so that such violations do not happen. The authorities expect people to follow the rules and try to discourage violations by posing fines and penalties. However, the ultimate goal is to see a progressive change in terms of people following traffic rules so that they don’t end up causing inconvenience for themselves and for others.
With GST being the hot topic for the last couple of years now, the plan to use it for increasing the burden on violators can be seen as a welcome innovative step.