Many essential daily products have gone off the shelves. Truck movements between factories, warehouses and grocery stores had been hit earlier due to the curfews declared by some states and Union territories. Now, consumers say they’re unable to find brands like Dettol, Savlon, Maggi and Aashirvaad atta, to name a few, even as the nation began its 21-day lockdown .The main reason behind disruption in supply chain is mainly due to the overzealousness of a section of the police force who were allegedly stopping even the stockists of consumer products and godown staff from carrying out their basic duties.Consumers are running out of packaged drinking water as well. There are long queues outside supermarkets as consumers scramble to stock up for the next few weeks, resulting in some taking advantage of the situation.  Both distributors and retailers have  inventory for 15-20 days. In addition to raw inputs and production problems, companies are facing low packaging material  stock too as they keep an inventory for  15 days only.